Inaugural Long Puck Competition

The inaugural Kilmallock GAA Long Puck competition will be held on St. Stephen’s Day next. Teams are invited to enter.

Rules of Kilmallock GAA Long Puck

  • Cost of entry is €30 per team of 3.

  • Only 1 Kilmallock senior per team.

  • Teams can consist of any age. Camoige players are also welcomed. Helmets are not required!

  • 2 teams will head out on course together and will mark each other’s scorecard.

  • Teams will receive 2 balls to complete the course. 1 new and 1 old ball (very tactical!).

  • In the event of the loss of both balls, there is a buy back facility of €5. You can take 1 x new ball or 2 x old balls.

  • In the likely scenario of some Cu Chulainn trying to cut a bend and the ball landing in a field, the next shot will occur from original spot.

  • Teams will keep the player rotation to ensure the accuracy of scoring.

  • The Long Puck will finish when a team successfully scores a point in the Complex side goal.

  • On course refreshments will be provided during competition.

  • Tea/coffee/hot whiskey/soup/sandwiches will be in the complex post Long Puck.

  • “Awards” ceremony will take place in Houlihans that evening.

  • Prizes may be awarded for ingenuity of the team name!
  • ____________ __________ __________________ ________

    John O’Donnell Finbarr Walsh Andrew O’Shaughnessy Eoin Ryan

    087-9647549      086-3327795        087-9438690        087-7697809


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