Senior Hurling County Final 2012

The town and the surrounding countryside is awash with ‘green & white’. Every gatepost and telegraph pole carries a green and white flag. The business-people have been busy with their art kits and every shop window carries the message that we are in the 2012 Hurling County Final. This is it! This is the aim of every Senior Club in the county at the beginning of each hurling year. It is the most important date in the hurling calendar and we   will be there, in the Gaelic Grounds, next Sunday 7th October. The throw-in is at 3:30p.m. but get there early and savour the atmosphere.

C’mon the Balbec!!!

3 thoughts to “Senior Hurling County Final 2012”

  1. Best wishes to the team and management on Sunday.Cant wait for the flight out of London Saturday evening. Up the balbec.

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