Grainne Hanley

Family Fun Race Night 2012

On Saturday the 21st of April 2012 we held a very successful Race Night in Bulgaden Castle.

In the weeks coming up to the event we approached local businesses for sponsorship for the event and the response was fantastic. There were a number of local events going on at that time and we are aware of the pressures businesses are under so we are very grateful that everyone approached helped us out in some way. A large number of individuals also supported the event through sponsorship and again we appreciate everyone’s efforts to make the night a success.

Grainne Hanley
Grainne Hanley winner of the signed limerick jersey at race night

One of the main aims of the evening, apart from the obvious fundraising effort was to have an good night out where people could meet up, relax and enjoy the craic and that was definitely achieved. The Tote was busy from the very start and once you put your €2 on a horse it was hard not to get excited. Special mention must go to the tote operators and those who handled the money on the night because they hardly saw a race while the rest of us cheering on ‘our’ horses.

Like any good Racing event the ladies turned out in style and we congratulate Anita Savage on being chosen “Best Dressed” – the pressure will be on next year Anita ! Thanks also to Catherine Staunton of Castle Jewellery and Bridal Accessories for sponsoring the competition and presenting a beautiful necklace and bracelet to Anita.

The Auction Race was fiercely exciting with bids flying in from all angles and exceeding all expectations! The winning horse was bid on by a husband and wife who upped the ante on each other, much to the consternation of fellow members of the syndicate, so the fact that it won saved a lot of arguments in that circle!

The raffle for a signed Limerick Jersey was very well supported and Canon Fitzmaurice kindly drew the winning ticket.

We had a great mix of people that night, from club stalwarts to people with no obvious club connection who were out for the craic! It was a family night and all the children were great fun and a credit to themselves and their parents. Thanks to all who attended and who helped in any way, looking forward to next year already.

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